Friday, June 13, 2008

New Inwood Livable Streets group forming

Streetsblog is sporting a whole new look, and as part of it, they've made it easier than ever to form online working groups for various livable streets initiatives.

If you're interested in helping make Inwood a more pleasant place to live in and visit for pedestrians, cyclists, and mass transit riders, please join the new Inwood Livable Streets group!

Some of the issues we'll be looking at are:

  • Adding to the riverfront Greenway in Inwood
  • Creating a protected cycle lane on Dyckman to link the Hudson and Harlem River Greenways
  • Providing bicycle access to select areas in Inwood Hill Park that do not receive heavy pedestrian traffic and would benefit from "eyes on the street"
  • Creating a protected cycle lane along Fordham Road to link Inwood with Pelham Bay Park
  • Other initiatives to improve our streets: more pedestrian-centric designs, traffic calming, tree planting, green spaces
Feel free to propose your own ideas for neighborhood improvement.

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