Monday, May 19, 2008

Folding bicycles granted equal access to MTA

Reblogged from Streetsblog: The MTA in recognition of New York City Bike Month has launched the MTA + Bike site to promote cycling in combination with mass transit use. Good news is in store particularly for folding bike riders:

Folding bikes, appropriately folded, are considered luggage and not subject to rules governing standard frame bicycles. Therefore, folding bicycles can be brought on board local buses as if they were a backpack or suitcase. They can also be brought aboard LIRR and Metro-North trains at any time without a permit and are best stored in the overhead luggage racks. Conventional bikes are not allowed on board buses operated by New York City Transit, the MTA Bus Company or Long Island Bus.

A caveat: folding bikes are still not allowed on express buses. Why don't all buses have bike racks?

Now, if only the City Council would pass legislation requiring commercial buildings to provide secure bike parking...


blake said...

alright i think this is the push i need to get a folding bike. i've been considering one of these downtube bikes for a while ( anyone reading have one?

Urbanis said...

Hi Blake,

Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I have both a Downtube 8H and a Downtube Mini.

The 8H gives a terrific ride but when folded it's bulky, heavy, and awkward to carry, making it challenging to schlep on and off the subway and into buildings. However, I've done up to 60 miles on it very comfortably with no complaints.

The Mini is ultra compact when folded and super for managing both intermodal transit and city traffic. It's great at quick starting, stopping, and accelerating. It excels at climbing hills because it feels so nimble and light. However, I find it challenging for doing long, continuous, flat distances. I feel I work much harder--perhaps this is due to the 16" wheels?

Tiffiny said...